Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

Time to say....


No wait.....no time to get sad. I just wanted to inform you all that this blog will be discontinued. With me joining the 5th Dimension and the other CoC members rarely posting here I think its the best thing to give this blog to the warp.

You are all invited to join our new home, the 5th Dimension. Its growing, its getting better and better and we have huge plans for the future. :P So thanks to all the readers and goodbye....or welcome. I am just one click away :P

5th Dimension

see you all over there painteholics!!

Montag, 21. November 2011

GW News!!

Hi there,

i just saw this over at Brückenkopf. Some cool new Monsters coming from Games Workshop in november:

Sonntag, 20. November 2011

Necronlord finished!

Hi there fellow painteholics,

long time no see ( read). I am pretty busy since my studies are going in a hot phase at the moment. I just finished a project for a customer of mine. Its one of the special characters from Games Workshops new Necron Range. 

Feel Free to comment or vote for it: CoolMiniOrNot

I will be at the next workshop in cologne. Ben and Matt will show us some tricks on smart max miniatures. Since this is my favorite miniature brand and many familiar faces will be there it will be one hell of a weekend. Thats it for now. 

See you all,


Freitag, 14. Oktober 2011

Necrons on the Way!

Hey there painteholics,

Many anticipated them, finally they are coming. Necrons are on the Horizont and without much words here are the leaked pics. Is there anyone else who thinks that GW does a great Job on keeping their miniatures and I quote " Secret until we decide to let the customer see" :P Is it only me or are the full sets of new things even faster in the net :D

see you all in the future,


Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

Cathay Warrior Sculpt

Hey there painteholics,

I just finished the workshop Mini I did while attending on badsmiles Sculpting class in munich some weeks ago. I admitt i used some tricks because I wasnt satisfied with the hands and the second half of the face :P
But finally its done and I love the result.

I havent finished the mini in munich since I had to get a train back home but I used that to sculpt some details at home I really like. For example the hairs of the Mini. All in all my mini has become a kinda anime style looking one. I added the huge scarf (which was longer but  broke off and I havent managed to get it back there til now)

I added the Banner because I want to do some freehand work there. The Base is in the making,too and I really look forward to paint a model I sculpted from scratch. I think it will be a load of fun since there arent too many details ;D

So here are the pics. What do you think?

Here the CMON Link: Vote Vote VOOOOOOTE!!!

And finally some music for the heart. One of my favourite songs of all time. Hope you enjoy :P

I am working on some tutorials and a liquid Green Stuff Review. Will be up during the next week. :P So stay tuned and keep your brushes busy. 

See you in the future,


Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011


Technology is just the instrument to decrease the lag-time between our dreams an reality.


greets, major

Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

Art Festival " Lichtergartenfest"

Hey there painteholics,

Long time to see (read). This time I have some music and a review of a very creative art festival which took place some weeks ago in my hometown. It was called "Lichtergartenfest" and man.....I cant discribe the feeling beeing there. I havent seen such a magical event since....I dunno.....Ever?

The whole thing started at 20pm and it was almost dark then. The area the event took place is beautiful without anything since its all about little hills, branches, forest and stuff. When you walked through the installations you almost felt like beeing in another world. They had music playing very quitly and you could only hear it if the wind was comming in your direction.

I remember I said that I felt like being in a Ghibli Movie. All the atmosphere was so unbelievable. They had huge areas filled with light but then they had areas with very little light for example a single lantern a little deeper in the forest. I could go on for hours how much this event took my breath away for I think you all wanna see some pictures. So here we Go ;P

After all here is some pretty nice music from the Naruto shippuuden Soundtrack. Love to listen to the whole piece while working 

So thats all for now,

see you,

Simon aka Katan

Sonntag, 18. September 2011

Space Hulk up on Ebay

Hey there painteholics,

I just finished a complete Set of Space Hulk. If you want to get your hands on it watch out for the link beneath the pretty pictures ;D 

And if you want to have the Set please take a look here:

see you in the future,

Simon aka Katan 

Mittwoch, 14. September 2011

Enter the 5th Dimension

Hey there painteholics,

Since its official I wanted to announce that I am part of the 5th Dimension from now on. However this isnt the end for Cradle of Colours. I will keep on posting as normal but will be doing some stuff over on 5th Dimension,too.

So keep on watchin and keep your eyes and ears open for some interdimensional Works and projects ;D
If you werent aware of this awesome blog make shure to check it out : Enter the 5th Dimension !

see you in the future,


Montag, 12. September 2011

Sculpting Workshop with Badsmile Review

Hey there painteholics,

After a hellride from munich back to my hometown yesterday night and after a bunch of hours of sleep I am able to write some lines again ;P  I started my trip on Friday morning and after a couple of hours train ride I reached munich.

I havent found time to see more of the city but I made some shots here and there while I was heading to the Workshop location. While it was raining when I started my trip in the morning weather was kinda nice in munich. Warm and the clouds looked very cool this day ;D

I reached the Workshop and it was time to get some food after half a day of train riding. Time for some BBQ and some nice chats with the people there. Thanks to Malekith over from 5th Dimension for organizing the whole thing. From the location, food, flow - everything flowed quit well.

So after the hunger deamon was defeated  it was time to get to work. We started with some wire and worked our way through the Mini step by step while Mati helped us out if we were trapped at a difficult spot or were going insane ( Fingers anyone?) 

It was very cool watching the Mini grow after each step, getting more detail. From a pretty abstarct wire construct to a pretty cool 54mm Miniature.  We started with the legs and feed, working our way up to the stomach and back of the Miniature. Meanwhile Anatomic Steve showed us how it should look like ;P I have to say super sculpey os pretty cool stuff to work with. Its not that sticky than Green Stuff and it stays workable until you bake it.

Even as we had a pretty big To Do List as it comes to what we learned and did over the weekend we always found time for some fun things as the Trollface shows you ;D But enough words for now, I will show you the rest of the Weekend in pretty pictures:

After all it was a very cool weekend, I learned alot, I had a lot of fun and man those BBQ sessions were awesome ,too ;D So More pictures of the finished miniature will be up as soon as I finish it.
So see you all in the future and make shure to check out 5th Dimension because we just might read us there pretty soon ;P  Enter the 5th Dimension!

Simon aka Katan