Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011

Prayers's CMON Gallery Online!

Another CoC Member has linked his CMON Gallery to show his projects. Pictures will be reshooted in the next weeks since the pictures doesnt do it justice. Stay tuned for more pictures of Prayers work.

Prayer is also the Keeper of the Store called "Spielbar" in Trier Germany. Come along if your are around and check out the Site or this Blog for news, painting contests and painting classes.

The Spielbar had his first painting class in 2009 held by Ben Komets. It was a very funny weekend with a dozen informations, tricks and a lot of input regarding TMM, Wet in Wet Technique, Basing, Weathering, detail work and much more.

We will see what 2011 brings along so stay tuned ;)

Simon aka Katan

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