Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

Games Day Golden Deamon Germany 2011 Entries

Hey there painteholics,

I know I know this should have happened earlier but time is a rarity as you know. With the expo around and some other stuff I havent found time to take some pictures of my Entries for Games Day Germany in cologne.

First entry is the biggest project I have done in my painting career so far. From first idea over sketches until the realization it was a journey full of learning and improving. And even if its not perfect and I know where it needs improvement I am happy with the result.
When I started painting over a decade ago I wouldnt have dreamed that I could get so far with my painting skills. But countless hours of work and trying new things like oil paintings ( thanks to Roman aka jarhead for giving me a push into that direction with his tutorial) brought me here.

The result of all of this can be seen here:

More Pics and Voting here: CoolMiniOrNot

Another entry was my improved Greater Deamon of Nurgle "Morbus Aeterna". I entered him at the PaintIt Competition but worked on him since then. I got some good critique (Roman: You need to work on the shadows, Raffa: What shadows? ;P) So after adding the missing shadows and working on the icky open areas again I used some human hair ( my mustache xD) to make him even more disgusting. 
Hope you like ( hate) him ;D

More Pics and Voting here:CoolMiniOrNot

This one started as a Workshop miniature and its from the Workshop with Roman aka "Jarhead from the Internet" in Dillingen Germany. Its my first take on gypsum bases and experimental use of cord. The diorama was build completely free and to be honest without a plan in mind. Somewhere in the process I decided to go a "temptation" theme. I added the lash marks on the Daemonette's butt, added the albino snakes, the Appel with the whole in it stands for the decay that rottens from within. The butterfly shows off the beauty and elegance of slaanesh.

More Pics and Voting here: CoolMiniOrNot

Finally this is my Golden Demon winning Duell "Split Second" It tool Silver in the Duell Category at Games Day Germany 2011 in cologne. Funny though as it started just as the stairs and the pillar as I wanted to try out the newest massiveVoodoo marble tutorial. As i was finished I thought I could add some Minis since it would be a shame to leave the stairs like that. So I decided to take on the new Storm of Magic Chaos Wizard since I really love the Model. The cadian was added later on. Then I started to think about how I could make those lightning effects. Weeks of thinking and no resolution. Wire doesnt look natural enough etc. After a weird dream seeing me airbrush little roots I tested it and it worked quite well. ;D After all a good experience and my second Demon ;D Last year Bronze, this year Silver.....lets see whats up next year ;P

More Pics and Voting here:CoolMiniOrNot

So finally everything is up in the internet to vote, comment, discuss, love, hate etc. Now I can foucs on improving my skills with contrast and focus ;D Thanks again to everyone who gave me the needed critique to improve. 

Simon aka Katan 

Dienstag, 23. August 2011

World Expo Swiss 2011

Aloah fellow painteholics,

After a few days of rest I finally found some time to write these lines. The decision to go to the swiss World Expo was made at Games Day Cologne just weeks ago. I was pretty lucky to find someone who took me there. Thanks to Wateco from the well known Tabletopwelt for getting me there.

Another big thanks go out to Jan and Nina for giving me a place to sleep for the weekend just about an hour away from Montreux. And what a weekend it was. So many beautiful miniatures and people.
I learned some tricks here and there. For some more skilled persons than me those tricks may seem normal, but they were new to me ;P Thanks to Goatman for his tip for good water effect - transparent resin. I will try it as soon my new resin reaches me.

The Location at the Genfer See was absolutely outstanding. The panorama of the mountains behind the sea was pure joy. The sun was shining and we even found time to jump into the cool water.

Finally this was a beautiful display of skill. The best of the best assembled a breath taking amount of great miniatures. All those awarded miniatures from all around the world were there, live and without a wall of glass between it. But enough talk now, You all want it and you shall get it : Pictures Pictures Pichtureeeees

Some Videos I found:  Videos
If you cant get enough: More
Still not enough: Moooooooore
Still......: Mooooore Moooore

After all the Organisation could have been better but this was just a little point of criticism on an overall very enjoyable weekend. I am happy I decided to go there. Next on my calender is the sculpting workshop with MassiveVoodoo's own Mati ;P I am checking train prices by now. I have some things to check but I think Munich will be the first time I try sculpting. 

see you all in the future,

Simon aka Katan