Sonntag, 31. Juli 2011

Skaven Deamon sighted!

Whats up Painteholics?

I just stumbled about the upcomming Skaven Deamon and thought I just show you one of the first pics which comes to us from a Games Day ( probably Chicago) Still WIP but looks cool. Some more detailing and he is on my BUY list ;D

Back to the brush, only one week until GD Germany and still some work to do. Hope to see some of you there on August 07.

Simon aka Katan

Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

One Down, One Left

I finished my biggest Games Day Entry moments ago. Still top secret but I have to say its the biggest project I worked on since I am in the hobby.

No its only one entry left. I honestly dont know if I can get this one finished since there is still a ton of work and there is just a little bit more than a week left.

But something magical happened yesterday. I was working on some metallics as it seemed that my Vallejo Silver Air was empty. I pushed a little bit harder an BAM - silver all over the place.

Then 3 very strange seconds followed. In the first I looked around, realizing what just hit me, in the second I realized that my Imac was cover with sic silver paint, in the first second I went berzerk with a towel to get my imac and the surroundings clean.

After 15 minutes of intensive cleaning I was done and I found the time to make some photos - was it fate that I wore my MassiveVoodoo shirt that day? I thought hmm some paint sprinkles on it doesnt look that wrong. But I knew they wouldnt stay there in the cleaner.

But still pretty cool pictures dont you think:

so....back to the brush painteholics...with some music to party on:

so long,

Simon aka Katan

Samstag, 23. Juli 2011

Today's Work on Games Day Entries

Hey there Painteholics,

My crusade against time continues as I took on Flesh and Leather parts today. Flesh, Flesh, Flesh, Shadow, Highlights, Shadow, Highlights etc etc. But as I am into Oil colours these days (thanks to Roman goes over to massive voodoo) its one hell of a party. Completely new invironment but nice to learn and experience something new.

Now I will end the Day with some BBQ with friends and some good industrial music at the local goth party. ;D ( You dont have to be one to love this music :P )

so long,

Simon aka Katan

started working on some WM models. Here is some random pic of a Warjack:(work in progress)
Bilder hochladen

And a video with cool chillout music and some funny faces ;D Really cool music for painting

Bene aka Major

Montag, 18. Juli 2011

Extreme Painting Day

Yo Hey Painteholics,

I just finished on painting for today. After almost 9 hours of painting I finished another Golden Demon Entry for this year. Duell Category done, puh. Only 2 big projects left and some sitework to do. After all it was a beautiful day. Sun, Rain, Wind it had everything.

I also found time to take some inspirational pictures. I went out for a walk after a long painting session and enjoyed the day with all its facets.

Here are some impressions:

Thats it from me for now. See you in the future ;P


Simon aka Katan