Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Hey there,

Has been a while since I last posted some news around our beloved hobby. But now I am proud to announce the first Cradle of Colours Workshop. In this Workshop we wont focus on painting. There are many very skilled persons out there which do painting classes you can learn from ( And sooner or later there will be some CoC Painting Classes) but this time I wanted to foucs on a particular part of the hobby - The Base and/or socket.

In my opinion a Base makes or breaks a miniature. A solid and well thought of base can elevate your Miniature and add certain positive things like Atmosphere and Meaning. So lets get to the important informations:

WHEN: 09 April 2011 11am to 7pm
WHERE: Trier Germany Spielbar (

For more informations feel free to email me:

best Regards,

Simon aka Katan

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