Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

A man who's saying the Truth!

Hey guys,

I know this is a painting and miniature related blog. But who knows me closer is aware of the fact that I am a huge pro wrestling fan. And even if this site has nothing to do with wrestling I have to post this video sine its one of the most important things which happened in wrestling for years! And this video needs to spread since the right people need to see this.

If this is a planned storyline: The best idea of wwe for years. After years of boring wrestling and PG politics this might just be the turning point.
If this was a shoot and CM Punk had the creative control over his speech he just proved balls of steel because he says exactly what most Wrestling Fans think for years now:

WWE needs to change, get away from all this PG stuff, bringing interesting storylines, innovative promos and stories people can attach emotionally to. And not the same "I beat you so I beat you up" crap. Its the first time in years I am sitting at home, having the hairs in my neck dizzling watching a WWE show and I cant wait for next weeks Raw or the comming weeks.
And its not important if it was scripted or real because the one thing happened I thought which will never ever occour again: I was entertained by WWE program again. I cant wait to see the next PPV when Punk will face Cena. (If he isnt fired). So we, the (non PG) wrestling fans should sit back and enjoy the moment because this man did this just for us!

WWE Officials stated that CM Punk was suspended and if this was a shoot I am shure he will get fired for what he said. But hell...the Internet is buzzing and if this is the end of CM Punk in WWE : Welcome to Ring if Honor or TNA again.

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