Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011

One Down, One Left

I finished my biggest Games Day Entry moments ago. Still top secret but I have to say its the biggest project I worked on since I am in the hobby.

No its only one entry left. I honestly dont know if I can get this one finished since there is still a ton of work and there is just a little bit more than a week left.

But something magical happened yesterday. I was working on some metallics as it seemed that my Vallejo Silver Air was empty. I pushed a little bit harder an BAM - silver all over the place.

Then 3 very strange seconds followed. In the first I looked around, realizing what just hit me, in the second I realized that my Imac was cover with sic silver paint, in the first second I went berzerk with a towel to get my imac and the surroundings clean.

After 15 minutes of intensive cleaning I was done and I found the time to make some photos - was it fate that I wore my MassiveVoodoo shirt that day? I thought hmm some paint sprinkles on it doesnt look that wrong. But I knew they wouldnt stay there in the cleaner.

But still pretty cool pictures dont you think:

so....back to the brush painteholics...with some music to party on:

so long,

Simon aka Katan

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