Sonntag, 9. Oktober 2011

Cathay Warrior Sculpt

Hey there painteholics,

I just finished the workshop Mini I did while attending on badsmiles Sculpting class in munich some weeks ago. I admitt i used some tricks because I wasnt satisfied with the hands and the second half of the face :P
But finally its done and I love the result.

I havent finished the mini in munich since I had to get a train back home but I used that to sculpt some details at home I really like. For example the hairs of the Mini. All in all my mini has become a kinda anime style looking one. I added the huge scarf (which was longer but  broke off and I havent managed to get it back there til now)

I added the Banner because I want to do some freehand work there. The Base is in the making,too and I really look forward to paint a model I sculpted from scratch. I think it will be a load of fun since there arent too many details ;D

So here are the pics. What do you think?

Here the CMON Link: Vote Vote VOOOOOOTE!!!

And finally some music for the heart. One of my favourite songs of all time. Hope you enjoy :P

I am working on some tutorials and a liquid Green Stuff Review. Will be up during the next week. :P So stay tuned and keep your brushes busy. 

See you in the future,


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