Samstag, 18. Juni 2011

Look into the sky!

Hey there,

Studies are eating my time nowadays. Its a little quit around here so I thought I post some news on finished miniatures and projects. First of all here are some pics of the new Eldar Falcons I did to sell on ebay and try some different painting shemes. Red is my favourit so far ;P

The Tanks were firstly painted in rust colours with a blister sponge, then I applied Maskol Masking Tape also with a blister sponge. After it dried I applied the main colours via airbrush and defined the lights and shadows.
Then I erased the masking tape, painted lights on the rusted areas and painted the rest of the Tank. I also painted some lightning situations on the red Tank because I like the sheme most and wanted to further work it out.

Next on the List are some shots of a little project I have running at the moment which I want to leave uncommented :P But I think its pretty clear whats spawning here :D

And last but not least some inspirational pictures I shot during the walk home from a party.
It was such a nice contrast. Coming out of this noisy, loud and bright environment into empty
streets next to a big industrial complex, fields and train rails. Kinda spooky and lonely but
pretty inspirational to me ;P

Thats all for now, read you soon

Simon aka Katan


  1. A work of impresion...... congratulations...!!!!

  2. thanks man, stay tuned for a tutorial in the near future ;P