Montag, 3. Oktober 2011

Art Festival " Lichtergartenfest"

Hey there painteholics,

Long time to see (read). This time I have some music and a review of a very creative art festival which took place some weeks ago in my hometown. It was called "Lichtergartenfest" and man.....I cant discribe the feeling beeing there. I havent seen such a magical event since....I dunno.....Ever?

The whole thing started at 20pm and it was almost dark then. The area the event took place is beautiful without anything since its all about little hills, branches, forest and stuff. When you walked through the installations you almost felt like beeing in another world. They had music playing very quitly and you could only hear it if the wind was comming in your direction.

I remember I said that I felt like being in a Ghibli Movie. All the atmosphere was so unbelievable. They had huge areas filled with light but then they had areas with very little light for example a single lantern a little deeper in the forest. I could go on for hours how much this event took my breath away for I think you all wanna see some pictures. So here we Go ;P

After all here is some pretty nice music from the Naruto shippuuden Soundtrack. Love to listen to the whole piece while working 

So thats all for now,

see you,

Simon aka Katan

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