Dienstag, 19. April 2011

Painting Class with Jarhead

Hey there,

I attended to a painting class with Roman Lappat aka Jarhead from the Internet ;P in Dillingen. It was a really funny Weekend filled with happy painting, meeting nice people and so much more.

Seeing projects like Romans pirate or Raffas Slayer sword winning Duell "Hunter or Hunted" in real was a very big inspiration to me. I was also able to have a real life look of this awesome spiderweb Base. I can just say......watch out for an upcomming Suprise from Massive Voodoo. You can learn a lot!

I builded one of the biggest bases ever on this workshop. And it was my first go on gypsum stuff, potting soil and cord. Stay tuned for some pictures in the very near future.

I could spend hours writing to report everything which went down during the class. But I think everyone is waiting for the pictures :D So to come to an end I want to say thanks to Roman, Raffa, Andy and all the others for having such a good time.
It was my pleasure to learn from such skilled painters and such nice individuals as you.

Special thanks of course to Roman for changing the way I look at the hobby inspiration wise. Stay like you are and keep on happy painting.
Special thanks to Raffa,too for showing me some tricks when it comes to advanced freehand techniques. It was very nice to meet you and get to know you a little bit longer than on a stressfull event like Games Day. ;P

Enough talk, bring the pics!

Check out www.massivevoodoo.blogspot.com for a big report from Kong himself ;D

so long Simon aka Katan

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