Samstag, 23. April 2011

Skin Tutorial by Prayer Part 1 : light and shadow

Wellcome to my tutorial Part 1!
Today I want to show you my way of painting skin. Things you will need: wet pallet, standard or large citadel brush (depends on size of area), Tallarn Flesh and scorched brown. First you have to use primer on the miniature. I usually use black primer and afterwards I spray a little dust of white primer on it, then I spray more of the white where the light is suposed to shine from. You should try that way. It will make it easier to locate the light and shadows on the miniature and will of course make it easier to paint the light and dark layers.

Prepare the tallarn flesh and the scorched brown on your wet pallet. Mix some of the colours together in the middle.

You should always start with the darker parts of the skin and work through to the lighter areas. Cross the borders a bit then quickly get the lighter (tallarn flesh) colour in the brush (do not use to much water) and start to work the light areas through the dark colour skin tone untill it looks like a blending. This is called wet blending. You can adjust the boarders with the mixture. You get a high contrast of light and shadow. You have to decide for your self how high the contrast is. Just use a mixture of scorched and tallarn in the darkest areas. ;-)

Part 2: shadowing down will follow. Thank you for reading!

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