Mittwoch, 20. April 2011

Win a Suprise package!

Hey there,

Its finally happening! the first CoC Blog Event is in our near future. With Easter just around the corner I thought it would be cool if there are some eggs in it for you aswell. From now until April 30 we will fill a suprise package with everything you love: Miniatures, Scenic Bases, Hobby Stuff, Sockets, Dices etc. It will be 100 % for free and no sneaky Handy contract will be sold ;D

So what do I have to do do get this package? You have to be a subscriber to this blog and since this is somehow a Easter Event you have to take a picture of an Easter Egg meeting your Hobby. This can be just a Space Marine standing next to a painted Egg or something more innovative. just have Fun and send your pic to :
Write the Name you subscribed with and the word EASTEREVENT in the header.

We will look through the entries and the winner will be namend here on this blog on Mai 8 and will receive the package for free. No shipping costs will apply aslong the winners location is germany.
International Winners will have to pay a small amount of shipping cost. ( we will pay 50 % of the shipping international). Hope you all gonna send us some pics :D

so long Simon

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