Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010

Greater Deamon of Nurgle

Hey there,

This is a quick introduction into my new project: The Greater Deamon of Nurgle from Forgeworld. I am off to switzerland for the weekend to take advantage of the snow for some boarding action. Before I move out I wanted to share the first pictures with you.

I always wanted to paint this big ugly thing since I love the way its sculpted and the wicked smile on his face is brilliant. Back in the day I was fascinated with Matts Great Unclean One and so I decided to aim my project in this direction when in comes to colours.

When the snow storm was raging outside I decided the time has come to take the airbrush and start the project. I wanted to to a step by step but at one point the painting deamons inside of me took control and i totally forgot about it.

But are the pictures I have taken:

Pictures of the finished Jetbike are comming too in the next days..

Simon aka Katan

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