Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

Mordheim Gang: Marienburg [Work in Progress]

My reinforcements have arrived last week and now I can proudly present them with 3 finished colours: red, yellow and white ( the trousers & some of the sleeves).The fat one in the middle is one of my favourites and represents the captain of my warband.Note that I drilled and cut chunks out of the Orc-head which usually lies at the feet of the top right swordsman to make it look like a stone, since I did not want to let any green spoil the colour-composition of my warband .I hope that I get to finish them this weekend, so that I can return to my last 50 Skaven Miniatures (30 Clanrats and 20 or so giant rats ...  X,x)

greetz, negative one

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