Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

Sockelshop Package Arrived!

Hey there,

I just arrived at home after studies and found a new package from Sockelshop in the doorway, containing Vallejo Still Water Effect, AK Interactive Rust and Streaks and Slimy Grime Dark and a bottle of micro krystal clear to try out the nice lense Tutorial from my favourite blog :

Bilder hochladen

And here are the first results. Sry for the lightning, its just a photo taken with my smartphone cam and my desk lamp :

Bilder hochladen

In the upper are you can see the tested out Rust Streak effect. As it is based on white spirit you cannot thin it with water. I think basicly it turns out like thinned down oil paint which is a little bit more controllable. ( you can say this is either good or bad, I like the effect of thinned oil paint since it flows around the rivets adn details pretty good- not so with this effect)

In the lower area you can see the Slimy grime effect. It can be used for ships to show moss, algae or other effects. same here as with the rust effect- its a little bit like working with thinned down oil paints.

Thats it for now...time to try the lense tutorial with the micro krystal clear ;)

Simon Aka Katan

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