Sonntag, 5. Dezember 2010

Pegaso Models Kuvar Reaper Unpacked

Hey there,

I received some cool Stuff yesterday and with the package came the Kuvar Reaper from Pegaso Models. One of my favourite Models ever. Finally I got my hands on it here is the unpacked mini for everyone interested.

Box Contains:
- Base
- Wings with Robe
- Body
- 2 Feed
- Left lower Arm
- Right Lower Arm
- Sword
- beak
- hood

The Model is a pure piece of beauty. It looks like it just came out of a nightmare. When I saw the model painted up it immediatly became up of my favourites. The beak, the eye balls around his necks, the ancient looking hood. It reminded me of a tale from the author E.T.A Hoffmann called "Der Sandmann"

Its about a young man called Nathanael who suffers from a deep trauma because of a story heard from his grandmother when he was a child. She told him that the Sandman is a wicked creature who takes out the eyeballs of children to feed them to his breed, living on the half-circled moon.
The Sandman's Breed is discribed as having long curved beaks and so the Kuvar Reaper assembles a perfect Sandman for me.

I think this picture shows the atmosphere pretty good. Even if the sandman isnt shown as having a beak himself. The picture is from the artist called "fresh4you" from deviant art:

Bilder hochladen

I'm really looking forward to paint this beast, since E.T.A Hoffmann's Sandmann was one of my favourite novels ever. I hope I can catch the feelings I had during the reading process. The dark and unconfortable atmosphere Hoffmann creates will hopefully turn out in my painting. We will see in the future....

After all here are the pictures of the Kuvar Reaper:

Bilder hochladen
Bilder hochladen
Bilder hochladen
Bilder hochladen

Simon aka Katan

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