Donnerstag, 14. April 2011

Basing Workshop Review

Hey there,

after some days of fighting off study projects and Chill out time here is finally a quick review of the first official CoC Workshop focusing on showcase bases. Since I only focused on the local gamer and hobby community it was a pretty small workshop. But hey it was fun anyway and I hope everybody learned something and had a little fun on this day.

Without further blabla here are the pics:

Now I will prepare the last few things to attend to a workshop myself. Gonna meet the innovative mastermind Jarhead tomorrow for a happy painting weekend. :P Cant wait to focus on the hobby for a weekend between all the recent study projects.

Will be back on sunday evening and hopefully get a quick review up here next week,

so far, so long,

Simon aka Katan


  1. Great to see you do classes too! It was my pleasure to meet you at my class and a pleasure to see your models ... always know only sky is the limit! Keep on happy painting! Best Regards Roman

  2. jep this was my first take on classes. My reputation isnt that great yet so no people driving hours to attend. But maybe in some years ;D Pleasure was on my side. Seeing the pirate , the waves and the other miniatures in real was very inspiring to me. Hopefully we see each other on Games Day in august.

    Best regards,


  3. See you soon in August i guess :)

    It is all about pleasure, don't you leave the path of pleasure in the future and your reputation shall rise to heavens :D

  4. I will keep on walking this path. See you on the way ;P