Samstag, 6. August 2011

Games Day Germany 'ere We Go!

Yoooooo Painteholics,

I am ready to take of to Games day Germany in Cologne. In a few hours I will meet with some other guys from my area to head to cologne together. A great weekend with inspirational input, great people, awesome miniatures and lots of fun ( and beer) ahead of us.

I already saw some sneak peek pictures of a few french entries from Julien Casses over on his blog ( Credits go out to Bestienmeister for posting ;P ) and I have to say its gonna be hard to deal with that kind of competition. I definitively need to bring my "Handetasche" with me this year ;P
Because you know like Bruce Darnell says: " No Handetasche - No Competition!"

But we will see if history repeats itself and I can enter the stage with some gold in hand ;P
Time is running out and I will finish this post with a motivational picture for myself from last years GD. Me being the guy completely to the left with a pretty strange hairstyle next to Mister Dr. Georg Damm ;P

I will be back sunday evening maybe monday here on the blog with a big post about Games Day. How I did, what great Minis were there and much more. So see you next week ;D

Simon aka Katan

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