Dienstag, 9. August 2011

Games Day Germany 2011 Review

Hey there painteholics,

After a crazy weekend and some hours of sleep and dealing with daily stuff this is finally the Games Day Germany 2012 Review. And what a weekend it was. Meeting all the great people and meeting some new one. I had some very good conversations during painters dinner with painteholics from spain, england, France etc.

First I was stunned that my stuff got so good reactions but most importantly they showed me what I do wrong or where I need to improve. I now know that I need to focus on Focus. Creating a point in my works where the eye can settle and which draws attention.

I will work on focus and contrast in the next time. Something I never took notice of before. I always tried to improve technique - now I need to learn to let the Miniatures make BAM how Roman would say ;D

So Painters Dinner was great. Special thanks go out to Ben Komets, Georg Damm, Christian Reckerth who looked at each of my entries and showed me where I can improve.

Big thanks go out to the "master of contrast" Christopher Octive aka Monkeyman. We had a longer
conversation and he tried to explain contrast to me. I promise I have not forgotten the 8 types of contrast ;D It was cool to chat with you anyway and maybe I can make it to the UK next year.
I had more good chats with guys from England, Spain, France but it would take longer to thank each and everyone of you so I just say THANKS to all of you :D

Games Day itself was great,too. After a very short night and a couple of coffees we reached the Gürzenich in cologne. So many great miniatures, people from everywhere, cool gaming tables etc. etc. Especially the short meeting with my Tyranid brothers Simon Schnitzler aka Hydra, Marco Schulze aka Moloch and Harald Moosmann aka Nautilus was very nice. Keep of gribbling, the Sky Mother Protects!

I also met Malekith and The Artfist in person for the first time and had good chats with both of them. Maybe we see eaach other on some other events in the future ;D Of course we stay connected in times like facebook :D

Enough talking I think I will let pictures do the talking from now on.

For more pics check out:
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For another review check out the jungle of the massivevoodoo crew ;D I will take some pictures of my entries in the next days to show them here and on CMON. But this will be another post.
For now this shall be enough, back to my Plans for the next time. Maybe World Expo, maybe Sculpting workshop with Mati, maybe chill out. Lets wait and see what the future brings ;P

so far,

Simon aka Katan

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